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This is 33!

Today is my 33rd birthday! I am filled with so much gratitude. Not because Thanksgiving has just passed, not because my dream of having my own business in the skincare industry is becoming a reality. Not because my life is perfect, because it's not. I am grateful because I can look back and remember a time asking God for the very things I have now. Many of my clients enjoy my products. They absolutely LOVE my soap! But the faith to even open my business, the faith behind the name "Carde'cae" shakes me up every time. I created my business at a time when doctors said I couldn't have children from my own womb. I was so grateful to have a bonus son when I married my husband. We had this bond that I can't explain, it's like I knew him my whole life and I never wanted to be without him. He was and still is everything I've ever wanted in a son. I always desired to have 3 children. I created the name Carde'cae from the first 3 letters of my 3 childrens name, in faith. Today I have those three children. Carlin (Car), De'Myan (de') and Caiden (Cae). I had the faith to believe in God for what I couldn't see. Sometimes while I am in the waiting room, I look in my children's faces. Through sleepless nights, through extensive medical debt, through sharing holidays, through tough teenage and toddler moments, I remember a time where doctors told me that I would never have these 3 blessings. My life isn't perfect, I am still waiting on God to keep certain promises to me, but He has proven time and time again to be a promise keeper and so my hearts posture will always be a posture of gratitude.

-Enam Jarrar Jordan

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